[Teaser] Freelance – Naman Sarangbwajo


[Freelance] Naman Sarangbwajo (teaser)

written by Nani hunhan
with Cast(s) : Oh Sehun, Im Yoona, and find it.
Genre: School life, friendship, comedy
length: Chaptered

thanks to poster by Deerkkamjong07 ( http://deerkkamjong0794.wordpress.com )


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[Oneshoot] Freelance – You

Tittle: You?

Author: WuwuTaeyeon

Main Cast: Xi Luhan [EXO] — Kim Taeyeon [GG] — Wu Yifan.

Other Cast: Wu’s Family, and find it by your self 🙂

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Life,

Lenght: Oneshot

Rating: PG 15+

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